Welcome to the exciting new world of cultural analytics, a way of thinking that is fast changing the way risk, compliance and audit activities are perceived, managed and delivered.

A discovery that builds on past approaches delivered through an Artificial Intelligence cloud based platform revealing new insights previously thought impossible.

Measuring Culture

Have you ever noticed that following poor business or compliance performance such as Deepwater Horizon, Staples and Wells-Fargo for example,  subsequent investigations always reveal that the cultural and behavioural conditions must have existed for the poor performance to emerge and become a reality.

Common sense really, but by the time poor performance appears on a KPI, graph, or any form of traditional big data, it is too late.  The impacts can only be managed be they, damage to brand, business results or compliance failures.

Of course, the same dynamic is happening all the time, 365 days year in every organisation in every sector across practically every product or service supplied – an ongoing uncontrolled business risk.

But what if we could measure the impact or outcome of how people behave and from this determine the emerging risk to poor performance before it becomes a reality!!!

HPO Risk Solutions have discovered a way of exposing the cultural reality.  It requires no surveys, no questions and answers, tick boxing or checklists or the use of traditional big data sources leaving only truly predictive data, the outcome of human behaviour and its impact on performance – the invisible risk.

The marriage with Artificial Intelligence

Our approach to understanding culture is based on omni-channels, what we call stakeholders or interested parties – crowd sourcing.  Each channel will have a different experience of people’s behaviour, at a different frequency and with different levels of impact.  These differences will also be different within the same omni-channel i.e. its complex.

What AI allows is for this complexity of channels to be managed and critically merged with other data from other more traditional channels to provide the user with a more holistic picture of risk – both backward and forward looking.

This holistic picture of risk reported in a meaningful way allows users to identify where risk is emerging,  a sign-post for management activity before it is too late.

The impact of behaviour on results

The impact of behaviour is concerned with complexity.  The complexity arises from the reality of what is really happening, not just what people say is taking place or how they respond to questions.  Unravelling the complexity of culture requires an understanding of the outcome or result of each individual behaviour and how this influences how other people in turn behave.

This interplay is like links in a chain, a chain of behaviour derived from one person’s behaviour affecting what other people belief they should do which in turn influences how they behave.  But this change is not linear it is more a like a chain fence, a movie of interactions over time as reality takes place.  Which is in essence the nature of business culture.

Cultural Analytics is concerned with understanding this complexity by using block chain technology and AI to collect these individual behavioural outcomes (the blocks) as evidence, giving this meaning as to what is really happening and where risk may emerge. Truly predictive based on fact.


No matter what your risk, compliance and performance management needs understanding the impact of the prevailing culture is critcal, from operational and conduct risks to supply chain and business processes no business activity is immune from human behaviour, good or bad.

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