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Privacy policy

GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018 and requires organisations, to handle your personal data in a fair and transparent way.  This Privacy Notice explains the information we hold on you, how we obtained it, why we have it and how we may use it.

We only collect and use people’s personal data such as email addresses, name and contact details so that we can provide the services requested, email related information and carry out administrative tasks.   This includes business portals which may contain personal data recorded by our customer in their documentation and website pages.  Anyone is free to request these to be removed at any time.

More specifically the assessment system we use has a range of access points which are username and password protected via third-party secure servers:

·         Assessment designers – those who create assessment content and manage the automatic analysis of data for reporting purposes

·         Assessment implementors – those who set up individual assessment scopes, which may include the capture of personal data, and issue url(s) to assessment users

·         Assessment user – those that take part in an assessment

·         Report users – those that have access to assessment responses and analysed data

Each type of User has a different level of access and therefore we collect and analyse different levels of personal data.

In summary;

For assessment designers

·         We collect the designers name, company information such as email addresses and telephone number to set them up in the assessment system and creating usernames and passwords.  We also use this information for formal communications and help them create the necessary assessment content.

For assessment implementors

·         We collect the implementors name, company information such as email address and telephone number so that they can be set up in the assessment system using usernames and passwords.  We also use this information for formal communications to help them run assessments to meet their specific requirements.

For assessment users

·         We do not collect the personal data of assessment users unless these are specifically requested by the company we are working with and inputted by the assessment designer or implementor.  Being IT based the system collects IP addresses which are used for problem solving and analysis purposes should this arise.

For report users

·         We collect and use information such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers to create usernames and passwords to access the reporting portal so that users can see assessment results.

We never sell personal data.  Neither do we pass on personal data to third parties unless it is in connection with the services we provide as agreed.  Information we do collect will be retained indefinitely so reporting and other activities related to the agreed services can be delivered.  Business portal administrators, implementers and report users can see that data and request editing.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this privacy notice, then please email Ian Rosam at

Intellectual Property Terms of Use

This software-based assessment system and any documentation related to it has been supplied by HPO Risk Solutions Ltd (HPORS) subject to restrictions as to their use under these Terms of Use and, where applicable, Terms of Licence between HPORS and the Licensee. Such restrictions are imposed by HPORS as owners of all intellectual property rights therein, whether arising from patent; copyright; trade secret protection of confidential information or unregistered design rights or other proprietary rights recognised by law in any legal jurisdictions. As part of this protection, US Patent 7,383,155 refers.

The protection and restrictions outlined covers not only our software, but also the logic behind the way it is structured, which is a patented approach, regardless of the territories exploited, comprising: Processing; Data Collection; Analysis and Reporting Logic.

We remind the user that these restrictions include embargoes as follows:

A) Re-engineering any aspect or element of HPORS assessment system or use of the methodology deployed to create any other programme or product that is similar to or resembles any aspect or element of HPORS assessment system or can be seen as a competitive product, whether for commercial exploitation or use internally within a second party's organisation.

B) Allowing others to copy or take from the user’s or licensee’s possession, any disk, memory stick, or other medium upon which this program may be magnetically, electro-statically or otherwise imprinted or stored or any manual or documentation relating to or containing this program.

C) Displaying this program on-screen by use of de-bugging, editing, diagnostic or other such program or means for the purpose of copying any part of this program, translating it into another language or making able to be listed.

D) Erasing the on-screen copyright notice and link to this document or preventing its display or reducing its legibility or in any ways interfering with its position or prominence.

E) Using the Content Structure deployed within HPORS assessment including the way behavioural-based statements and responses are written; weighted and presented for analysis to report risk and conformance. To aid understanding this does not mean content-structured like surveys or yes/no checklists. For avoidance of doubt this does not include the baseline knowledge used within an assessment, which remains the IP of the provider of this information.

Where HPORS assessment system is used within a certification environment, formally accredited or not, HPORS approach to certification and all on and off-line documents that support this, any media, electronic or paper, in part or in whole, are also covered by the protection outlined above.

Written authorisation from HPORS or our accredited representative is required to permit any departure from these conditions whether on payment or otherwise.