Understanding your people. The key to high performance

We provide predictive analytics that drives business performance using our innovative online platform that challenges the status-quo.

This technology collects and quantifies the impact of people’s behaviour, sign posting risk to your level of business effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance.

The Challenge
There is significant need to understand and manage the invisible real world of culture and behaviour. What really drives effective business, compliance and risk performance.

The value of backward looking KPIs, audit reports and risk methods is being challenged.

You can’t drive a business by looking in the rear view mirror!!

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for change. We’re likely to face extensive remote working, with fewer people, either because of illness or headcount reductions. Productivity and reduced budgets add to the challenge.

It’s no wonder that many are asking what they can do to still manage their business effectively.


Our solution

1. Deploy a cloud-based platform that uses block chain to add more value to audits, inspections and assessments. This collects behavioural and documented objective evidence using our unique approach.

The importance of the data analysed automatically and consistently to report risk to business performance and compliance using real time dashboards, including benchmarks.

2. Help you create a management system based on sound academic rigour and enterprise risk management (ERM) principles. At the same time sharing knowledge and develop competence inside your organisation.

How? by simply merging advanced behavioural & cultural thinking with traditional techniques to identify emerging risk enabling management to get ahead of the game.

Why? in order to:

  • reduce costs – do more for less
  • increase the value of business, risk and compliance data.
  • manage what is really happening.
Enable your business to manage effectively, but differently, in the new normal.
Reality is not just a set of documents or pictures

“By the time poor results, compliance and stakeholder impacts become visible it is too late.”

Have you ever noticed that following poor business performance investigation always reveals that the cultural and behavioural conditions must have existed for the poor performance to emerge and become a reality?

By the time poor performance appears on a KPI, graph, audit report or any form of traditional big data, it is too late.  The impacts can only be managed be they, damage to brand, business results or compliance failures.  As an analogy, it is like driving a car by looking in the rear-view mirror.

But what if we could measure the impact of how people behave and from this determine the risk to poor performance before it becomes a reality!!!

RS Vista and underpinning science puts numbers to the impact or outcome of how people behave, quantifying what is currently invisible. This exposes the level of risk that behaviour poses to the business, its sustainability and results. Culture and behaviour is a truly a lead indicator of risk, this time, akin to driving the car by looking through the windscreen!

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