HPO Clearview is the only block chain platform built by experts who understand the impact corporate culture has on risk to compliance and performance.

Its about making the invisible, visible.  Its not how people behave that counts, it’s the impact on results.

Once poor performance, results and compliance appears as a KPI, on an audit report or survey the damage is done.  No matter how much these results are analysed nor how much big data is reviewed, it is too late.  Consequently, the past cannot be changed only its impact managed. Yet subsequent investigations always reveal that corporate culture and behavioural conditions must have existed for the poor performance to take place, its common sense really!!!

HPO Clearview is a cloud based tool allowing you to measure culture and behaviour and as a result prevent risk to poor performance happening in the first place.

Audit corporate culture & risk

culture organizational

‘Truly predictive risk management – forward looking not just looking at what has happened in the past’

Quantifies qualitative data, making the invisible visible
Cloud based platform and blockchain
Applied to any system, process or subject involving people
Exposes risk to performance and compliance
Increased evidence
Removes value judgements
No questions or tick boxing.

Make smarter decisions

working together risk solutions

‘Automatic and consistent analysis of behavioural impacts exposes risk’

Scored risk profiles
Benchmarks performance & risk
Translates findings into management information
Measures risk to business objectives
Measures compliance and conduct risk
Pinpoints areas for improvement to effect the future
New type of KPI.

Saves time and money

assessment audit laptop

‘A win: win, more powerful insights with lower implementation costs’

√ Branded platform
√ Ready to go when you need it
√ Reduces audit and assessment costs
Increases the value of audit
Allows more audit and assessment activity without extra resource
Collect more valuable evidence & insights
Complimentary to existing audit and risk activity.

Expert Insights

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Regulatory focus on behaviour and outcomes, are you ready?

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