HPO Clearview

The management challenge

By the time poor performance becomes visible as KPIs or big data it is too late, the damage is done, be that a loss of profit, increased overheads or other business consequences. The past cannot be undone and all you can do is suffer the consequences.

What if you can predict where people’s behaviour is likely to cause poor performance occurring in the first place and therefore prevent these undesirable consequences.  Using block chain technology and unique Intellectual Property HPO Clearview does just that.  How? By assessing your business culture and from the impact or outcome of how people behave exposes the risk to your performance objectives. We aim to improve connectivity, avoid silo thinking and drive exploitation holistically across all departments.

The HPO Clearview has the ability to quantify qualitative data and automatic analysis provides detailed insights into where risks to exploitation are emerging, not based on what people say is happening or, reported as KPIs but what is really happening inside your business right now.

Measuring cultural risk

Greater and Deeper insights into what is really happening

KPIs and traditional big data is based on what has happened, it analyses the past – it’s backward looking

HPO Clearview uses block chain and AI to expose the ‘here and now’ providing insights into what is likely to happen – it’s forward looking.

These insights allow you to:

  • Act before the risks emerge and become a reality.
  • Real time reporting – information available at the touch of a button.
  • Configure to meet your needs – you can use as you wish, it’s a service delivered over the internet using bock chain, no set up costs.
  • Consistent and automated analysis, saving time and cost.
  • The science is already built into the technology making the tool easy to deploy with minimal training.

Expose the risk

HPO Clearview provides the visibility on the risks to performance, compliance and business growth.  Pinpointing, via benchmarks, where risk is
emerging so management can act before it’s too late.

Insights can be simultaneously determined against your business objectives, industry best practice, drivers of performance and/or your compliance requirements.

Here comes the science

HPO Clearview:

  • Doesn’t use questions, surveys or visible scoring methods – not interested in what people say is happening or what is written, only the outcome or impact of how people behave, i.e. the real world.
  • Using block chain to understand complexity.
  • Reduces the need and cost for human involvement – providing risk profiles, greater insights and analysis beyond the human being to deliver this practically.
  • Restricts human value judgments – removes inbuilt bias to improve result accuracy and reduce cost.
  • Quantifies qualitative data – making what is often invisible and intangible both visible and tangible so management is possible.
  • Recognizes organic and mechanistic business system thinking – meaning that we base solutions on sound academic rigor.