The way we work

•We act as a trusted third party building long term relationships, providing expertise as and when you need with as much or as little as you need

•We share best practice information and knowledge to build competence within your organization as required

•We focus on sustainable solutions that deliver results.

Mentoring and facilitation services

We do not tell you what to do, we work with you to share and collaborate to get the best solution, it’s about facilitation.  We use a mix of technologies and methods in order to collaborate effectively.

HPO Clearview – measuring cultural risk to compliance and business outcomes

A totally unique product delivered online merging new Intellectual Property with block chain and AI technology to expose emergent risk to business performance.  By the time poor performance, compliance issues or missed business outcomes appear on a KPI or report, it’s too late, the past cannot be undone.

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‘Cultural assessment – the scientific study of how individuals and groups behave, and the impact this has on business performance.’

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and management systems

Using best practice system thinking principles based on sound academic rigor we can help you create ERM and management systems that are practical, relevant and meet the needs of interested parties and compliance requirements. Combined with HPO Clearview this provides a new management approach. We can even provide an online portal to bring your management system to life.