Expert Insights

HPO Clearview case study

We helped an organisation identify conduct and operational risks against a number of business outcomes, in this case related to people management and their competence.  Find out what our customers challenges were and what they experienced. To download click here  

HPO Clearview vs Surveys

On first looking at HPO’s Clearview technology it is common for people to ask what the difference is between this method and a survey. They may both appear to be the same, so it is a reasonable question to ask. The reality is far from it; there is a lot more happening in HPO Clearview, READ MORE

Feedback to and from “The Crowd” is not an option for business success

Crowd based auditing and risk assessment capture the experiences and impacts from the ‘crowd’ i.e. people effected by and within the business.  It is this crowd feedback that enables you to capture people experiences and relate these to business and compliance risks. To learn more download here

Cultural analytics

The article below outlines how Cultural Analytics can be deployed and results that can be achieved. To Learn more read our brief on Cultural Analytics