Intellectual Property Management

The creative solution for optimising IP management

Lack of visibility regarding newly acquired, developed and developing IP is a major challenge to IP management as operational shortcomings often point to the lack of an integrated IP system throughout all relevant departments, so often impeding further R&D and the prospects for maximising exploitation and driving growth.

Clearview IP Exploits technology offers advanced solutions that have been carefully developed with such concerns in mind, promising a radical approach to the task. Built by merging best practice IP exploitation practices and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) we, along with our partner ISS, have created an Intellectual Property Risk Management (IPRM) service portfolio comprising an:

IP Exploitation management system

Developing a system of cross departmental business processes to maximise IP exploitation, defining cross functional roles and responsibilities, and reporting structures to deliver IP targets and objectives driving out risks to exploitation

•Identifying and adjusting corporate missions and new product sensitivities based on an understanding of stakeholder and market needs.

•Aligning departmental goals, objectives / targets and business plans to drive IP exploitation across the organisation, creating a single organisational wide approach to IPRM.

•Cross matching retained and maintained IP to corporate strategy and advising divestment or abandonment.

•Building advanced Freedom to Operate reporting into IP and exploitation business processes.

IP Development and management approach

This includes:

•Creating IP Registers used within the IP management system.

•Embedding IP tell tales to flag and capture potential and emerging IP opportunities as the ‘business as normal’ unfolds.

•Identifying latent and undeveloped IP and appropriate protections to prevent misuse inside and outside the organisation.

•Building sub-processes for matching ongoing searches against the existing IP Register informing emerging competition.

Assessment of risk to IP exploitation

Using IP Exploits to assess the organisation’s IP exploitation culture to identify emerging exploitation and compliance risks before they become a reality, driving change to the organisations business processes

•Constructing an effective and dynamic IP Audit of IP held and emerging.

•Advising for divestment, license, cross-license and sub-license to promote and realise best value.

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