Financial services

Regulatory and business requirements emphases the need to manage culture and therefore conduct, operational and product risk.   In-house or outsourced services offered include:

Senior Managers Competence Regime

The power of block chain technology

Measuring and understanding culture is not an optional extra                             

  • Understand the impact management behaviour is having on business performance
  • Scoring risks against business outcomes to drive improvement
  • Tangible demonstration for FCA compliance simultaneously
  • Executive reports for audit committee
  • Option to analyse data against business values and policies

Business Process Effectiveness

Audit your business processes for operational, conduct and compliance risks

  • Simultaneously report risks to business outcomes and governance requirements, making compliance a business benefit
  • Audit trails, risk analysis and bench marking at all levels to signpost risks and areas for improvement
  • Embedded whistle blowing 
  • Executive reports for audit committee review.

Enhanced Lending / Investment Strategies

Ongoing risk management for Investment & Lending strategies

Ongoing investment and lending risk management

Evolve the lending strategy to include an understanding of the culture of the organisation you are lending to or investing in.  This:

  • Increases risk based data on which to base a lending or investment decision.
  • Treats every customer differently therefore targeting credit solutions, meets FCA requirement as no ‘one size fits all approach.
  • Impacts on bad debt provisions and ratios as more / different risk management insights are available.
  • Creates a different face to the market.