Inspections & compliance

HPO Clearview can be used for any type of inspection or compliance activity.  As the platform is cloud based so its contents can be accessed from any mobile device with internet access.

To add value to a typical inspection by adding expert knowledge, provided by yourselves or experts in the subject, is incorporated into the inspection design.  This increases consistency and removes unnecessary value judgments often created by yes / no answers, visible scoring methods, ranking (good / bad, agree / disagree) etc.

Some examples of inspection compliance type assessments could be:

  • vehicle checks
  • health and safety checks
  • audit checks 
  • quality controls checks.

All inspections record an audit trail which includes evidence observed with reports being emailed as required to those that need them.  We can even add pass / fail scoring.

Often organisations use inspection / compliance check lists as the start point for gaining more information and value from our inspection approach.  If you wish to know how we can help then simply provide us with the details of your inspection routine and we can make some suggestions.