About us

What we believe

We believe that risk, compliance and performance management has traditionally assumed that people’s behaviour and the impact of that behaviour can be predetermined and documented as a set of requirements that can be subsequently audited and risk assessed; what some people would call a tick-box approach. Whilst this manages what is easily visible and looks at what has happened in the past, it is an approach that offers little in understanding the impact of risk to compliance and business performance posed by how people behave.

As examples, subsequent investigations into operational, conduct and credit risk in cases such as the Financial sector, Stafford Hospital, Deep Water Horizon Grenfell Tower, always reveal the cultural conditions that caused systemic failure were largely invisible to management. By the time poor performance appears on a KPI it is, of course, too late, the damage has been done and only the consequences of risk and compliance can be managed, such as death, loss of brand, fines, profitability etc.

Therefore, the current risk, due diligence and audit methodologies are only picking up on what is easily visible, a backward looking part of the risk,  compliance and performance picture. To complete the risk picture and close the gap there is a need to understand what is really happening within the business as normal, i.e. measure culture.

How we work

•We act as a trusted third party building long term relationships, providing expertise as and when you need with as much or as little as you need

•We share best practice information and knowledge to build competence within your organization as required

•We focus on sustainable solutions that deliver results.

We do not tell you what to do, we work with you to share and collaborate to get the best solution, it’s about facilitation.  We use a mix of technologies and methods in order to collaborate effectively.

Who are we?

A skilled team with 100 years of business management, compliance and risk management experience across numerous industry sectors.  Applying knowledge and skills to create and deliver practical forward looking solutions to everyday management problems specializing in the measurement of culture, risk and compliance enables our customers to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Ian, Business Owner – Experienced facilitator and creator of unique intellectual property that measures risk and culture to business and compliance outcomes. A system thinker, author and consultant helping people to implement Enterprise Risk Management systems across industries such as financial services, automotive, marine, energy and manufacturing sectors.

My email ianrosam@hporisksolutions.com

Colin, Director of Business Development – An experienced sales professional working in and leading sales teams. My role now is to help businesses understand their business culture and compliance needs by leveraging leading edge tools such as cloud, block chain and AI. Our proposition is unique and already changing how companies across different sectors, such as finance, automotive & public sector, recognise and manage risk to business and compliance.

My email colinrosam@hporisksolutions.com