Public sector

The Risk and Performance Management Challenge

The public sector faces a dynamic of reduced funding but at the same time provide increased and improving service availability.

Typically services and the desired outcomes are often delivered by multi-agencies or multi-departmental activity within the same agency. This complexity is increased where multi-agency performance also includes private sector contributors, all in theory working together to deliver outcomes society requires, Grenfell Tower being an obvious example but the underlying risk remains in all public services.

The challenge is therefore to bring about a step change in the way services are risk assessed and understood based on their culture, what is really happening and not just compliance:

  • How is the risk to public service performance exposed?
  • How can costs and overheads be reduced or managed?
  • How do we understand the behaviour of multiple agencies working together to deliver desired and undesired outcomes before it is too late?
  • How to generate more valuable business risk and compliance management information from the funds available?

To meet this challenge the following services are available?

Single departmental agency assessment

  • An assessment involving all stakeholders who experience the services provided, inside and outside the department as required
  • Automatic analysis of those qualitative experiences to produce a risk and compliance score against departmental objectives and outcomes.  Understand departmental culture and its impact
  • Benchmark between stakeholders to pinpoint where risk is emerging
  • Reduce paper, human resource and focus on performance
  • We provide a service to run these on your behalf produces executive summaries for discussion with Senior Management and Audit Committees

Multiple agency or departmental  assessment

  • Focuses on service outcomes that can only be delivered by effective collaboration between different functions both public and private
  • Produces a risk and performance score that allows you to understand the service outcome from this collaboration
  • Provides benchmarks and a level of analysis to identify where risk is emerging either within a single agency or between agencies and private sector partners
  • Can be delivered using cloud technology to reduce the need for human audit / survey / risk activity and gain greater insights.

We provide an outsourced service to run these assessments on your behalf producing executive summaries for discussion with Senior Management and Audit Committees as you wish.

Creating strategies for multi-agency risk and compliance assessments can appear to be complex and difficult when compared with existing approaches.  We appreciate this, so please gives us a ring and we can advise accordingly how this is best achieved.