Compliance, Corporate culture and senior management

Compliance – Senior Managers Competence Regime (SMCR), why it affects us all? SMCR outlines a set of responsibilities and conduct risks.  Ultimately this leads to the conclusion that the only way Senior Managers of Financial Service organisations can demonstrate their compliance is to measure the corporate culture they are responsible for managing.  This set of READ MORE

Introducing HPO Clearview

Introducing HPO Clearview the only block chain platform built by experts who understand the impact corporate culture has on risk to compliance and performance. Its about making the invisible, visible. Its not how people behave that counts, it’s the impact on results. HPO Clearview is the perfect tool for helping you audit risk, compliance, performance READ MORE

Organisational Culture – Businesses urged to ‘do more’ to win public contracts

Why Organisational Culture is more important than price to many public sector bodies Reports are emerging that supports the movement towards organisational culture being effectively managed in order to win public sector contracts.  A part from the usual factors there is to be a focus on bidders to demonstrate a: Reduction of modern slavery and READ MORE

IP exploitation managing the risk & opportunity

How good IP exploitation can increase value and reduce risk? Managing IP value and risk is important to the exploitation of Intellectual Property. Newly acquired, developed and developing IP is often invisible which creates a challenge for IP management. Generally speaking, operational and conduct risk often points to the lack of an integrated IP enterprise READ MORE

Health & safety checks, how do we ensure these are carried out

How health & safety auditing can be improved by HPO Clearview The Challenge Lets consider the needs and challenges of businesses carrying out health and safety inspections and why several have asked if HPO Clearview is suitable tool to help. The Health & Safety of employees and work environments is very important to business performance READ MORE

Supply chain management auditing the risk

An article exploring the assessment of conduct risk, operational risk and compliance to enable supply chain management. This uses blockchain technology to include everyone in the supply chain and expose risk to overall chain performance management objectives. To view the article click here To help you understand how to measure corporate culture and integrate this READ MORE