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Digitising Health & Safety risk assessments

The challenge of digitising Health & Safety

Was speaking with a colleague about the digitising Health & Safety risk assessments.  The challenge for our customer is that they have 10 sites that need routine H&S checks but they do not have the necessary expertise on each site nor can afford to do so.  Neither do they want to keep training people who are really employed to perform a different job role.

Whilst thinking through the problem we concluded that we could use the cultural analytics online platform to create intelligent inspection checks.  Currently Engineers use this to check cars in the UK but realised we could use the same approach for H&S.

Building an assessment

The start point was details of the existing H&S inspections.  These are currently in a log, about 15 inspections mainly fire safety related.  Some are daily others weekly and some annually. 

We created one assessment that could be accessed via a mobile device.   Via a selection screen the user in any of the locations could select one of the 15 inspections, add their name and then follow the on-screen instructions.  Took about 20 minutes to set up. 

HPO Clearview trial

Critically the User is not H&S fire expert and therefore the ‘intelligence’ as to what is acceptable, not acceptable or risky is built in.  This is not a survey or tick boxing.  This allows assessments to be carried out consistently across multiple sites, locations or departments.  As Users select what they are experiencing the results are automatically analysed and audit trails stored.  Reporting is via an online analytics tools for benchmarking purposes and so that the person responsible for H&S can see what is happening elsewhere.  Areas of high risk or below target are emailed straight away for management attention.

Next step is to pilot in Houston from London and check that the content is OK, amending is easy.

It would seem many organisations have the same challenges, alternative more intelligent solutions are available.  We can show you how.

About the author: Ian Rosam from HPO Risk Solutions is focused on helping organisations digitise risk & compliance by leveraging the power of cloud, block chain and AI tools to optimise business and compliance performance.