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Health & safety checks, how do we ensure these are carried out

How health & safety auditing can be improved by HPO RS Vista

The Challenge

Lets consider the needs and challenges of businesses carrying out health and safety inspections and why several have asked if HPO Clearview is suitable tool to help.

The Health & Safety of employees and work environments is very important to business performance and regulatory compliance.  Physical injury, events that threaten business continuity and creating a valued work force they are valued all require proper health & safety checks.

The effectiveness of health and safety checks are at risk from a number of challenges.

Cost – often these audits are the responsibility of the facilities or the health & safety team.  These teams are not always located in every satellite office and need to travel the country to carry out audits, incurring costs such as travel, accommodation and expenses.

Lack of consistency – Ensuring consistency across a team of people can be challenging, if audits are being carried out by non-skilled site staff  across multiple sites its almost impossible for the business to be 100% confident with any audit result presented to them.  Home working just makes the situation worse.

Multiple Locations – Satellites offices and home working are examples of the new flexible working environments businesses are creating. These create challenges for health & safety audits.

The solution – HPO RS Vista

These are just some of reasons businesses are turning to RS Vista as a viable inspection tool because it offers businesses the following benefits;

Reduce costs – Reduce the need for travel by having Employees that carry out online assessments .  The assessments have the built in expertise.

Improved consistency – We use statements and responses to capture what the user is experiencing.  We don’t ask questions or ask participants to make value judgements that they are unable to answer.  Inbuilt subject matter intelligence reduces the risk of inconsistencies and need for training.

Assessments can be carried out by multiple people simultaneously, enabling benchmarking to pinpoint risks .

Sign posts areas of risk – Results are bench marked against compliance groups automatically and communicated to stakeholders in real time for review.  This allows auditors and facility managers to target areas of risk quickly and effectively.

About the author: Ian Rosam from HPO Risk Solutions is focused on helping organisations digitise risk & compliance by leveraging the power of cloud, block chain and AI tools to optimise business and compliance performance.