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Corporate culture, compliance and performance risk management

What we believe that inspires risk management

Our risk management team have over 50 years experience in risk management, compliance and leading teams. In this time we have developed an insight which we are happy to share with our customers.

Risk management, compliance and performance management has traditionally assumed that people’s behaviour can be predetermined. That implementation evidence is visible and compliance to requirements can be the subject of audit. This evidence provides little insight into how people are really behaving, what is invisible. Yet it is this forward looking behaviour of business culture that impacts on risk to future compliance and performance management.

Investigations into performance failures reveal that the corporate culture causing the systemic failure were largely invisible to management. Financial sector, Stafford Hospital, Deep Water Horizon, Grenfell Tower being examples. As a result, once poor performance becomes visible it is too late and only the consequences can be subsequently managed. These could include loss of brand, fines, profitability, compliance, conduct risk and the delivery of other business outcomes affected.

Current risk, due diligence and audit methods are only picking up on what is easily visible which is a backward looking view of risk, compliance and performance management. It is like driving a car by looking in the rear view mirror. A forward looking view is achieved by measuring business culture as the ‘business as normal’ and understanding the risk this poses to business outcomes. This is like driving a car by looking through the windscreen not just looking in the rear view mirror.

Risk Management Team – How we work


  • act as a trusted third party building long term relationships
  • provide expertise and support when needed
  • share best practice information and knowledge to build competence within your organization as required
  • focus on sustainable solutions that deliver results.

Working with you we share and collaborate to get the best solution using a mix of technologies and methods.

Risk Management Team – Who are we?

Risk management team

Ian, Director –  Creator of unique intellectual property to measure risk and business culture to business and compliance management outcomes. A system thinker, author and facilitator supporting the implementation of ERM and Management systems. Ian has worked in many different industry sectors.

My email ianrosam@hporisksolutions.com

Colin, Director of Business Development – An experienced sales professional working in and leading sales teams. Focused on understanding how cloud, block chain and AI tools can optimise business and compliance performance across different sectors.

My email colinrosam@hporisksolutions.com