Feedback & Participation – Audit, risk & assessment

Feedback to and from “The Crowd” is not optional when striving for business success Crowd source auditing is effective because it involves “The Crowd” (i.e. the people who experience what is being audited). They feedback their experiences of what is really happening on a day-to-day basis – they are, after all, the ones who know READ MORE

Cultural Analytics turning qualitative to quantitative data

Have you ever noticed that following poor business performance, for example, Deepwater Horizon, Stafford Hospital and Supply chain failures, subsequent investigations always reveal that the cultural and behavioural conditions must have existed for the poor performance to emerge and become a reality? The article outlines how people’s behaviour can be the subject of audit and READ MORE

How do you measure corporate culture – the art?

How do you measure corporate culture? This video explains the art to measuring corporate culture without using surveys, or auditors. Real examples show how new techniques make what is currently invisible visible so that emergent risks to be identified and managed, a true predictor of risk. To help you understand how to measure corporate culture READ MORE

Supply chain management auditing the risk

An article exploring the assessment of conduct risk, operational risk and compliance to enable supply chain management. This uses blockchain technology to include everyone in the supply chain and expose risk to overall chain performance management objectives. To view the article click here To help you understand how to measure corporate culture and integrate this READ MORE