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The new norm – impact on internal auditing

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for change. We’re likely to face extensive remote working, with fewer people, either because of illness or headcount reductions. Productivity and reduced budgets add to the challenge.

The challenge increases…

  • There is significant need to understand and manage the invisible real world of culture and behaviour. What really drives effective business, compliance, and risk performance.
  • The value of backward looking KPIs, audit reports and risk methods is being challenged.
You can’t drive a business by looking in the rear-view mirror.

It’s no wonder that many are asking what they can do to still manage their business effectively

How do we:

  • Reduce costs – do more for less
  • Increase the value of business, risk and compliance data
  • Manage what is really happening & create the high performance organisation.

What techniques can we use?  Here’s a recent real case study:

The method : In this case, but not all cases:

  • No auditors were used – they couldn’t visit homeworkers who were self-isolating
  • All departments (essential staff) and home workers audited at the same time
  • Automatic analysis to generate results, confidential not a survey nor where any questions asked or right and wrong answers needed
  • A focus on what people achieve not just what they record or say is happening.

The results : sign post risks to business outcomes and governance requirements

Number of participants

Findings : sign post risks to business objectives / outcomes

Risks emerge from the invisible ‘business as normal’. 
In this case H&S in departments in orange and purple.    

Applies to any audit or inspection of any management process, standard, business or checklist.

Audit findings : sign post risk to, in this case, the clauses of the ISO45001 Health and Safety standard

Audit findings : sign post risks using job roles

The science and the practical realities

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